Monday, 2 September 2013

Can you tell I'm a Tourist?

Go to Tourist Dress

This post has been borne from what can only be described as my most 'travelled' summer on record. Being a tourist is a strange. You visit and experience an environment or culture which is entirely new to you, and everyone around knows it. Locals can instantly pick out the wandering tourist clutching maps and searching for signs. It's a wonderful experience to feel almost like a child again.
In any case, on my adventures over the years I've curated away my go to 'tourist kit', as I'm sure many the seasoned traveller has. Above is a set of my go to dress.

  1. The Bag - I go for the age old backpack. I like to think multiple closures deter thieves trying to take advantage of our being in unfamiliar surroundings. Also, lots of compartments to keep organised!
  2. Foot ware - My trips are usually crammed with things to see, I'm not the poolside holiday kind-a-gal. So comfortable but not necessarily fashionable foot ware is typical, although the two aren't mutually exclusive. 
  3. Technology - A phone! The modern saviour of the lost tourist and an essential for finding your nearest station/landmark/restaurant. 
  4. Maps/Guides - nothing beats having a map there. I like carrying round guide book maps since they also mark tourists hotspots and transport links. 
  5. Accessories - The key to success is always in the details. I never go anywhere without hand sanitizer, moisturiser, tissues and deodorant. Empty out any unnecessary cards from your purse to make room for tickets. A scarf is also a great way to cover all your bases in-terms of weather. It'll keep you warm, shade you from sun and is easily stored away. And of course you can't forget your sunglasses for that all important holiday profile picture! 
  6. Camera - of course the tourist isn't complete without their camera! 
  7. Etc. - can't forget your appropriate currency, phrase book, water bottle, and any travel documents.